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Black t-shirt with a straight cut. The dyeing process using a special, natural pumice stone makes each piece unique and unrepeatable - the shade may differ from the one shown in the picture. Each copy is dyed individually. The T-shirt is made entirely of great quality 100% organic combed cotton, also the dyeing process maintains organic standards. Our t-shirts are made in India, in factories that comply with Fair Trade principles. They are produced with care for the climate, using only solar energy and coming from wind farms. The dyeing process gives the material softness and makes it extremely pleasant to touch. Thanks to the highest quality material, our t-shirts keep their shape even after many washes, do not stretch or shrink. Rolled up sleeves gently break its simple character. The relatively loose cut of the t-shirt makes it look great on most silhouettes. It works in any style - from simple, in combination with jeans, to more elegant as an addition to skirts.


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